What was that game I used to play?
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I am trying to remember a turn-based game I played for about 3-4 months back around 2002. I played the game online, and it had a simple interface of text-based panels of information. IIRC, the gameplay was mainly around forging weapons and attacking other players, slowly building up your skill level and strength to rise through the ranks.

I remember you would go to the blacksmith or foundry to create weapons, and there were recipes for forging floating around online, so that you would know how long to put the sword in water, etc., to properly temper it. It would say things like "the sword is turning blue". You would sometimes need to wait a day or two to finish forging - I think you were limited to 200 turns a day, and could choose to use them all at once or throughout the day.

Once you attacked someone, it basically cycled through turns, about 3 each I think, and would update with status text, before you would either die or win the battle.

I though the game was called Nethack, but that's not it. I don't remember how you navigated around, but I don't remember it being a dungeon crawl.
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Are you thinking of Kingdom of Loathing?
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Might it have been ArchMage?
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Utopia was a similar game i used to play around that time
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Gemstone? I definitely remember the tedious "script" that came with forging weapons...
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Hmm, it's none of those! I can't remember any more details, unfortunately, other than that it was highly addictive, and the gameplay was very well balanced.
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Are you sure it isn't nethack though? This is going to make me crazy. Thing is, there are so many versions of Hack and NetHack that maybe it could be one?
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@webmistress - it's possible, but I can't find the forging stuff in NetHack and it seems to have about 100x more features than I remember. The game I remember was really about battling other players, at least the way I played it.
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