How do all the cool kids draw?
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I am looking for some high quality Japanese Brush Pens since you can draw so many wonderful things with them- I know about the "Kuretake 50 Million Years" but I find it hard to find other really good Brush Pens in the 30-100$ range. Availability only in Japan is fine.

I just opened an online store for exotic Japanese writing and drawing supplies (the link is in my profile) Now I'm looking for more high quality (sable hair brush pensÄ) but I find it really hard to get a grip on the different options out there. Thanks a lot for your help!
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I just ordered a pair of brush-pens from Blue Heron Arts, which had a piston pump. I didn't like them in the end (one of the ones I brought had a really crappy brush point) but there must be a factory making them.

In the past, I've had a great amount of success with the Kuretake brush pens - not the high-end ones, but their alternative to the ubiquitous Pentel reservoir brush pen. They seem to have nicer nylon brushes, but I found them quite leaky.
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Here are some brush pens from JetPens. Would any of them work for you?
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Goulet Pens stock Noodlers and Platinum brush pens.
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The Kuretake sable nibs are indeed awesome, and are available in a wider range of bodies than just the 50 million years barrel. Also, they fit perfectly well into the Akayashi barrels, including holding the cap on. Jetpens sells the nibs alone, and the pens make a good deal that way. A larger selection of the nibs would be great to offer if you can.
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