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Need advice on buying a freighter canoe.

My current boat is a 59-year 16' riveted aluminum runabout with a 1955 Johnson. It leaks, the bottom end of the engine needs rebuilding, and I am done with trying to fix it. I need a boat to get to our boat-access only cottage in northern Ontario, and I've been thinking of getting a freighter canoe to replace it for a couple of years now as they have a much greater cargo capacity than my little runabout. Unfortunately, the company that made the one I wanted (a Scott Canoe 21' Hudson Bay freighter) went bankrupt last fall. I knew I should have bought one last year...

So, as a result I am considering getting a 19' Grumman square back ($2300). My only other options in that size of freighter seems to be wooden ones (like the Nor-West), which are beautiful, can carry 1200 to 2400 lbs of gear, but cost $5000 to $7000 and have all the maintenance requirements of a wooden boat. They also weigh 225 to 325 lbs compared to 110 for the Grumman.

Does anyone have experience with the Grumman? How stable are they? I would be using an older 4.9 hp 2-stroke on it. I have to move a pile of gear, two adults, and two young kids across a fairly open stretch of water (although in pre-kid days, we did often just canoe out). Does anyone have any other suggestions or experience with freighter canoes?
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I am in eastern Ontario, so advice on finding one in this region is helpful...
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My family has had two of those canoes. We'd run a small motor off the back, too. The main stability issue is when you're standing up. It's VERY twitchy and tippy. You aren't going to tip the whole thing over but it's very easy to throw someone off balance. Seated, they are pretty stable. I think it would work fine for what you are suggesting but it's definitely not as stable as a boat.
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Have you tried calling the dealer network for the Scott canoe? Their website is still up so I'm sure there must be some inventory somewhere? Or have you tried that?
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Their website is still up so I'm sure there must be some inventory somewhere?

It's really easy to leave a website up indefinitely, it does not require keeping canoes in stock to do so.
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I understand that. It was the dealer network that I expected to hold stock. However, it looks like there is more than one Scott Canoe, so I'm not sure if this is relevant.
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I have contacted a dealer. They are going to look for me, but they highly doubt there are any left. I guess when Scott went under everyone snapped up the remaining stock....
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I'm thinking this is worth setting up a basically national craigslist periodic search. Pretty unique terms and looks to be worth a roadtrip if one comes up. Try or one of the sites like searchtempest. Just a thought.
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I gave up looking for a Scott, and just put a down payment on a 19' Grumman, so I guess I have a decision now.
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