Pittsburgh radio spot, early 90s
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When I lived in the Pgh area, one of the drive-time radio shows would occasionally host a spot from a guy who'd give a 5-minute rant in the most perfectly raw Pgh accent you could ever imagine. I don't recall much about his persona -- just another working stiff from Steeltown -- but his pitch-perfect voice was a major element in the act. Any memories?
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Probably not what you are looking for, but your username reminded me of this Lonnie Iris
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I'd check out anything done by Paulsen and Krenn from WDVE. Pants n' At, the n'at Man, etc.

On preview, I think Lonnie Iris is one they did.
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Could it have been Alan Cox on The X?

I remember a thing when Greenday was coming to town and the promo had someone screaming, in a perfect 'burgh accent, "Billy! C'mere ya jag!"
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If it wasn't a skit, it could well have been some 5 minutes sports rant from Myron Cope, who was for many years the color commentator on Steelers radio broadcasts.
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Yeah, I'd say Paulsen & Krenn. Maybe Stanley P. Kachowski?
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Thanks all. Stanly P Kachowski was the one. Enjoyed Lonnie too.
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