Forget picking a career, how do you find a career counselor?
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How do you find career counseling that's worth your time and money? Or can you recommend specific counselors in New York City?

I'm trying to help a friend who's attempting to move from a recently completed humanities PhD into related work but non-academic positions (publishing, libraries, etc) and is getting the "too underqualified for higher level positions and too overqualified for lower level positions" runaround. Said friend is also grappling with some uncertainty over what, in fact, they want to be doing. Friend's PhD was in another country so there are limited resources on that front. Friend's resources to spend money on career counseling are limited, and from reading past discussions on the topic here and googling around the internet it's become clear that options are varied and bang-for-buck is pretty hard to be sure of. Is this even something you need to pay for? Friend is very lost. Said friend is stuck in NYC because of spouse but spouse's employer has little to offer on this front.

So how do you do this? How can you tell if a career counseling service will do more than tell you your resume looks good? Can you recommend anyone specifically for counseling the post-academic transition?
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Given your background you might want to ask around the VersatilePhD forums for recommendations. I think having a PhD introduces a particular set of issues and counsellors without experience with post-academic clients may not fully appreciate them. (I say this based on my own experience and the experience of a friend whose counsellor clearly had no clue about how to deal with post-PhDs, especially a humanities post-PhD). The VersatilePhD forum (which would be a good resource anyway) is full of people who have made, are trying to make, or are planning to make the move from a PhD to a non-academic job.
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(Sorry, your friend's background.)
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