Easy, quick ways to spiff up a sports-themed WP site
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Pimp My Website Filter: Help me help a friend who wants to liven up his sports-related blog.

It's a Wordpress site running a fairly standard install of the Twenty-Thirteen theme. White background, colorful header, a few custom Google fonts here and there. But he wants something more "lively" especially near the top. He's asking for things like a scrolling ticker (shudder) or something that moves in some way, like animated GIFs of cartoon people dribbling basketballs (VOMIT).

I'd like to steer him to something more modern and classy, but not sure what. I'm aware of the ESPN API for headlines, but that's only suitable for the sidebar. What are some cool, interactive, dynamic things that we could do with the header, or pretty much everything above the fold? I've got his Facebook integration in the sidebar already ... what are some cool sports-related things we could use that real-estate for?
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