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Help me plan a halloween party with an undersea theme...

I am throwing a big halloween party with an undersea theme. My house is several long rooms that flow into one another, so my idea is to have the front of the house with lighthearted Spongebob/Piratey decorations, progressing 'deeper' all the way to the "Horrors of the Deep" - the back room blacklit with evil toothy luminenscent fish sculptures, etc.

What I have so far:
Giant octopus inflatable made of black plastic. Papier mache fish. Some decent rippling water lighting effects (I'd love an idea that doesn't involve water). Video clips of scuba diving, etc. being projected on the wall. A bunch of plastic plants spraypainted fluorescent blue.

What I would like suggestions on:
Rewards for partygoers that dress with the theme. A clever title for the party invitation. Music that fits without sacrificing dancibility. Ideas on an inexpensive way to get my plants to wave back and forth as if underwater (I'm talking bobblehead technology here). Food and beverage suggestions (not too much blue CuraƧao, please, but I've heard tonic water fluoresces).

Also, general tips on keeping the party packed, getting the people you want to be at your party to come without bringing their motorcycle gang with them, and party layout. Drinks at the front or back?
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A box fan pointed upwards, on some blocks, with streamers (crepe paper streamers?) tied to the front can mimic underwater plants.

If you have the time, maybe papier mache some geothermal vents and stick a flashlight with red cellophane over the bulb? Too bad it might be infeasible to add black smoke or occasional eruptions (vineger & backing soda).

Yes, tonic water does have a neato glow under UV.

Also, are you familiar with Lovecraft's Deep Ones (from the stories set around Innsmouth). You could get someone to dress up with the "Innsmouth" look at the door and someone dressed as a "Deep One" serving drinks at the deeper and creepier depths...
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Have a seperate stereo playing whale noise/underwater sounds relaxation CD's on repeat in the background or in one of the other rooms/hall.
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Get them buying into the theme in advance by creating a party-blog called 20,000 Links Under the Sea.
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Don't forget to play the B-52s' "Rock Lobster" at least once.
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Undersea Community - The Avalanches. Everyone dances to The Avalanches.
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"Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid!
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Going to serve sushi hors d'oeuvre?
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Response by poster: Sushi hors d'oeuvre seems a bit pricey, but a fine idea. Doing sushi on the cheap, now that's scary...

23skidoo, I nearly peed myself. I like that one a lot.

Also, purpleporpoise, "deeper and creepier" has a nice ring to it.

cairnish, is this easy to do? I have kind of been avoiding the blogging thing, as I already have so many masturbatory activities on my plate. But this sounds like it would be to a worthy end, plus I would love to be able to post pics of the decorations as they progress.

That borderline Lovecraftian shudder I get when I see the bathyspheric fish is what I am going for, I will check out that link shortly, purpleporpoise.

Great stuff, worth every penny (or at least my weekly allowance)!
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You need to play "Fish" by Mr. Scruff, it won't be a party without it. Lie cheat and soulseek.
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Too bad you don't list contact info in your user page - I'm watching (HP Lovecraft's) Dagon right now and the sets/costumes would so totally be awesome inspirations for your party.

The availability is pretty limited (you probably wouldn't find it at your local Blockbuster), though.
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