Suburban Chicago Wedding Venue Needed
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A good friend of mine is getting married, and asked me to enlist the hive mind to help her find a venue. She is looking for something budget-friendly but unique; located in the West or Northwest suburbs (about a 50 mile radius from Chicago but not further south than Plainfield), for about 150 guests. A place that would allow them to bring their own food and liquor would be ideal, and park district venues are acceptable.
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We got married a few years ago at the Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge in Hinsdale. You aren't able to bring in your own food or liquor, but in terms of caterers they did have a wide budget range for the preferred list. (And you were able to have a non-preferred caterer for an additional fee.)
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Check out your Parks District. I have found that some of the most extra ordinary venues are very reasonable through the County or City. You can rent a mansion for heaven's sake!
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Pleasant Home might work in Oak Park. Though they do require a security guard with alcohol and parties of 50 or more.
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I'm not sure the Morton Arboretum qualifies as budget-friendly (in that I have no idea how much weddings cost), but it's a lovely place in the geographic area.
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How about the Chicago Botanic Garden?
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Around these parts I would expect a venue to run about 3 grand and many places will have been booked through next year. Which is to say - good luck.

Here are some places for having a wedding at:

Oak Park: Cheney Mansion. Note: unrelated to the old VP this place is an old mansion the local park district runs.

Elmhurst: Another Mansion! Wilder mansion.

Brookfield Zoo (in brookfield!) Check out it's ratings before you skip on getting hitch next to the penguins.

West side Chicago: Garfield Park Conservatory is an inexpensive option. The neighborhood is very poor, but one of my fav kitchens is just down the road from it: Inspiration kitchen.
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As a follow-up, my friend ended up going with Donley's Wild West Town. She did go and see some of the venues you folks suggested here, and passes along her gratitude!
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