Looking for a therapist in Bermingham Uk
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Can anybody recommend a therapist in Birmingham Uk or in the vicinity that specialises in gender/sexuality issues?

I am asking for my sibling, who lives near Birmingham. She has sexuality issues, gender issues and ptsd and is not happy any more with her current therapist, that has helped her greatly with her ptsd but does not agree with my sister's take on gender.
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You don't mention the type of therapist she is seeing at the moment which makes it difficult to give good recommendations.

For myself I've got nothing but good things to say about the psychodyamic therapist I saw at the Priory in Harborne when I was dealing with some of the same issues.

Given Freud's take on gender I'm not sure its likely to be entirely her cup of tea, but they have all types of therapists on their roster and could likely put her in touch with someone she would like and would work well for her.
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Check your Memail.
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Check out LGBT in the area for a start.
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