A T-shirt that will make me Mr. Universe
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MeFi, I want to flex my muscles! More specifically, I want a T-shirt that looks like a muscular male chest. Cartoon abs would be ideal but photorealistic abs will be okay too. I would like the shirt to be in color, have the printed abs be wide enough to cover my chest so it looks like I have a six pack rather than looking like a picture of abs, and be available in a men's/unisex small. Under $20 including shipping would be ideal too. This is the closest I can find to what I need but is too large, too expensive and I'd honestly prefer cartoony abs. Halp?
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What about this one? Available in small, and the "khaki" color seems like pretty much what you're after. It was in the "Customers also viewed" section from the one you linked, so maybe you've already seen it and judged it lacking. If you have, could you mention why you feel it doesn't work?
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Yeah, I did see that one and some variations on it. The picture is a little too small and the abs themselves are not really colored in. The khaki color is not the color of the abs, so it still just looks like a picture of abs on a khaki shirt.

For some more examples, something like this (unfortunately sold out/no longer in production) or this would be good.
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Hey, how about Usher Abs?
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This one from bodydreams.com looks like your additional images...

If that's the right direction, I found it googling "muscle tshirt beach coverup"...
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