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i have a few prescriptions written by my GP. he is located in RI. i reside in MA. he's been my GP for the last 10 years. so who is this other guy's name on the bottle??

i've had the same 3 prescriptions for over a year now, so none of them are new. a couple of months ago, i ran out of prescription X, which is a non-controlled blood pressure medication. i called the office to have them call in a new RX to my pharmacy, went and picked up my pills, and that was it. except, due to an unrelated hiccup at the pharmacy yesterday, i realized that the past 2 issuances of this RX have another prescribing doctor on the label. My doctor is the only one in a private practice that is not affiliated with any hospitals, etc. so it's not like the on call doc wrote it up - he is the on call. i googled the name of the doc and he is a surgeon (!) in PA in the philly area. also, i have called in requests for prescriptions Y & Z in the same way that i did X and the name change did not happen in these cases. so what's the deal with this? who is this mysterious surgeon in philly trying to give me drugs?
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The person to ask about this is your pharmacist. Pharmacists are generally quite helpful. If they don't know, they'll certainly be able to track it down for you. That's where I would start if I were you.
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It's possible it was someone filling in for your doctor while he was on vacation.
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Response by poster: @phunniemee: i did ask the pharmacist and he just kind of shrugged.

@norareed: this is what i'm thinking but a surgeon from PA filling in for a GP from RI? I suppose...anyone have an example of an out of state and unaffiliated doctor doing so? usually when i call after hours/weekends, etc. i get his answering service which then pages him with the request.
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Best answer: Sounds like a data entry error to me. If your pharmacy is a chain, I'd ask to speak to the head pharmacist for that location. If you don't get satisfaction, I'd call the pharmacy customer care line.
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Best answer: It sounds like a simple mix-up in the pharmacy computer. One of my monthly prescription labels has, for the past 18 months, said that I only have 1 refill left, even though that's clearly untrue. The pharmacists don't seem to care and it doesn't affect me so now I just ignore it.

Does your physician have a Nurse Practicioner in his practice? They can refill prescriptions and at some practices that is a big part of their job. Could this NP coincidentally have the same name as a doctor in PA?
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Best answer: This has happened to me at CVS with local physicians who have the same last name. I just ask the pharmacy to correct it when I catch it, though I also find it a little disturbing that one of the same-name doctors authorized a refill for me when I had never been a patient of his.

I believe that another time the pharmacy realized they had contacted the wrong physician for a refill and while they did finally get in touch with the correct office nobody fixed it in the computer and the label was still wrong, so that happens, too.
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Best answer: Almost certainly clerical error.
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