Help me get out (of the apartment that is).
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Long time lurker, first time poster ;) Problem: I am a single 30 year old guy who moved from downtown Seattle to the suburbs of Boston (Marlborough to be exact), for work. As you can imagine this is a somewhat of a difficult adjustment given that I love city life and being able to walk around town and not having to use my car! I used to work for a big name online retailer headquartered in downtown Seattle, and even though living and working in downtown was great, I missed out on quite a lot of fun the city life has generally to offer, primarily due to the working hours. That being said, my new job, still in the suburbs and further west from where I live (and Boston), affords a lot more time. I'd like to go out and experience the city (both Boston and New York).

My questions are:
1) How have single folks adjusted to living in the suburbs, if at all?

2) How do I go about making the most of not living in Boston, yet being able to experience everything it has to offer? Should I drive up Friday night, get a hotel for the weekend and drive back Sunday? Any other options? (Just as an FYI - Marlborough is 45 minutes west of Boston. I'd like to not drive back late at night given an option).

3) What are some sources (sites, e-mail news letters, clubs) that could introduce me to what is happening in both Boston and New York. Some of the things that I like are things along the line of Stomp, Blue Man Group, Gypsy Kings etc. Basically, performing arts and interesting off beat events. Oh, also food! I love trying out new restaurants. I know about Ticketmaster and curated news letters like Thrillist. Also, as a side note, how do I go about being informed about some offbeat events - for example I heard about a unique broadway show called Sleep No More on the Freakencomics podcast. I would like to get lucky and find out about shows or events like this. I feel i would have never known about it, had I skipped the episode.

In a nutshell: How do I go about getting the most out of living within driving distance of Boston and a train ride from New York. Help me fill up my weekends with interesting and never ending supply of fun events, shows and excursions around town. Help me get lucky and discover smart, entertaining stuff.
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Subscribe to the weekly Nonsense NYC e-mail list; it is quite literally a never-ending list of unique, crazy stuff to do in NYC.
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I used to pay a fair bit of attention to Boston Events Insider (, although I haven't recently. Might be a good place to start for local events. Warning: the website is pretty horrible to look at.
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If you're thinking about staying in a hotel for the weekend, you might do better to find an inexpensive shared apartment somewhere on the T. I live in Somerville, and I think you could find a room around here that would be less than a couple of weekends in a hotel.
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You could drive to Southborough and take the T commuter rail in.
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Hi, I have almost the exact same quandary - I work for a company in the far Metrowest and live around 495. I have an excellent commute, but doing anything cool outside the house is difficult. My colleagues and I talk about this often. We haven't come up with any great solutions.

There can be some relatively fun things to do around Southborough/Framingham; for example, there's a trivia night on Tuesdays at Owen O'Leary's in Southborough that is fun. There is a climbing gym in Worcester that's accessible from Marlborough, and that's a good way to meet people. If you have a dog, there is a great dog park in Framingham (Callahan state park) and that's a good way to get out. However, if you're used to a higher caliber of fun, getting into and out of Cambridge/Boston is just a huge, expensive drag if you're coming from Marlborough. If you were thinking of spending money on a hotel room, the suggestion to rent a room in a house where you can crash on weekends is a good one. You might be able to find someone who is willing to rent a spare bedroom on weekends for ~$300 if you're not concerned about it being nice. Another solution is to put in time and money on hotel rooms, build a good friend-base, and then crash on people's couches/guest rooms on weekends if they're willing.

My personal solution, however, is that I'm moving to a better suburb (Waltham/Watertown area) where I can bike or take a bus into Cambridge/Boston, and just biting the bullet on a long reverse-commute. For young people (especially singles) the far Metrowest is the pits. If you really value being able to be in the city, I would recommend you find a job closer to it as soon as it's expedient. The thing about work vs. fun commutes is that you HAVE to go to work every day, so you'll make the commute, but if you live far from fun, you'll just end up not doing fun stuff.
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