Not orbs, just ugly on my photos!
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Can anybody help me diagnose the digital photography trouble I'm having? Link to blurry whitish spots all over my pix inside...TIA!

The sample images.

My gear is a newish Canon T14 with an equally newish Sigma 18-250 lens, shots taken in Raw at iso100, f22 room light, so they're long exposures. I've run sensor cleaning many times, dusted off lens at both ends. They seem to stay in the same spot from image to image at least within test sessions (between sensor cleanings and dusting efforts). Naturally, I'm in the middle of a work project with this problem and don't have access to another camera or suitable lens:(

Is this likely to be a camera or a lens problem, or...? Many thanks for any ideas, suggestions, whatever.
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It is dust on the sensor. If auto cleaning doesn't work you will have to clean the sensor manually.
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If they are always in the same spot, even when you zoom the lens, and you have tried to clean the sensor and they never move, I would say you have a faulty sensor. I had one on a Nikon DSLR that created banding.
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Do the spots not show up, or are harder to spot at wider apertures? Sensor dust is going to be much more visible at f/22 than at f/2.8.

It's probably sensor dust. You can either clean it yourself manually (running the sensor cleaning cycle on your camera is not going to do it), or have a professional do it.
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It does look somewhat like dust, although it's a lot worse than I've ever seen in terms of the discoloration and opacity. You should use the camera's mirror up function and try using a blower to dislodge the dust or whatever it is. It could theoretically also be some other gunk that's gotten on there, in which case you would have to use a sensor cleaning kit or send it off to be professionally cleaned.
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Thanks all! Followed the direx for manual cleaning with a squeeze bulb and problem fixed:) Very appreciative of all answers! (I do work in a very dusty environment…)
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My guess is that it's dust on or inside the lens. Dust on the sensor generally won't show so clearly at larger apertures and will usually appear dark, not light. There are some bits of glass inside the lens that don't move and thus would not be affected when you zoom.

You can probably take it to a camera store and they'll let you try a different lens to see if that's the problem.

Edit: Oops, looks like problem solved.
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Yup, everything's looking great:) And I now feel like I can manage some basic camera maintenance, thanks again everyone!
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