Crafts that use a laminator?
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I'm looking for ideas for crafts that use a laminator for my 8-year old daughter's birthday party this weekend. Although most of the guests will be girls, we will have two boys, so the activity should be of interest to both sexes. Many thanks for your help!
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Every year for her classroom, my mom has her fourth graders each decorate their own desk nametag. She writes their name very neatly in sharpie on some cardstock, and they color in the rest however they want. The trick is that they have to use crayons and have to use a heavy hand. She runs them through the laminator (which is warm, obviously) and it bleeds the crayon really nicely. It's a good effect (you can sell it to the kids as tie-dye drawing!) and the kids always love it.
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Perhaps making trading cards? There are templates online and you can do it for Superheros, or some other theme. Then, once done, have them laminated and then kids can keep them.
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Keychains! My younger son is 7 and it is ridiculous how many keychains he and his friends attach to their backpacks. Keychain split rings are really cheap at craft stores and you can just punch holes in the laminated creations.
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Get lanyards and make VIP birthday party passes? You can put their pictures on there, too.
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Make pretend drivers licenses.
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You can shave some crayons between the laminating sheets. Put through laminator. Cut into fun shapes. Instant stained glass bookmark. Bonus points for punching a hole in the top and threading yarn through.

Be careful, you don't need much wax.
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Secret Identity Cards - each child should make an ID for their secret superhero identity.
Transport cards - but not for the real subway/transit system in your area, somewhere imaginary like narnia or Candyland or wherever is of interest to kids these days.
If you have magnet tape or some cheapy magnets (like the local pizza place gives out maybe) make laminated magnets.

Pinterest has some ideas too!
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Lots of great ideas, thank you! My daughter loved using crayon shavings plus glitter to decorate images and then laminate and create bookmarks (or placemats), so I guess we have a hybrid of several of your suggestions. I liked all of them but am marking her faves as best answers. :-)
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Get some dried flowers that aren't too thick (inch ish daisies are good). Laminate.. cut close around the petals. Big person to put holes through with a thick pin heated on the hob (hold it on rubber ended pliers or similar so no burns for big person) or pierce holes in the egdes of the flowers. Those pierced through the centres then need an ear stud through for instant (professional looking) retro earrings/gifts for said big people perhaps ;) or for bracelets for kids hope silver jump rings through the side holes.

Hope this makes sense!
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