How can I make my Windows backup real simple?
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I use Windows.. XP then 7 and now 8.1. I usually backup by dragging and copying to an external hard drive because, the last time I checked, the Windows backup app creates a weird huge file with a strange proprietary extension. I'd like to find a simple backup app which copies my folders and files to an external drive without compression or conversion, with the capability to do incremental backups. Recommendations?
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The built in File History backup utility seems to do this and in a very straightforward fashion. I use it and it's great. It's a part of 8/8.1.
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SyncBack Free
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Second Copy is another option that does what you want, although it's not free.
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Best answer: Microsoft SyncToy does file synchronization one way (for backup purposes) and does incremental natively.
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Cobian backup
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Seconding SyncToy. It's very simple, and just works.
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I use Free File Sync to do exactly this.
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Thirding SyncToy. Exactly what scruss says.
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Response by poster: Thanks. All look good but I just downloaded and am running SyncToy since it gets multiple votes.
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