Explain the eyepatch in Yakuza Papers 5
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Towards the end of the fifth episode of The Yakuza Papers, an eyepatch is being worn by... (possible spoilers inside)

Hirono for a scene, right as he gets out of jail in Tokyo. He isn't wearing it later in the film.

Did I miss the explanation for this? Was there a prison fight somewhere in this film that got cut from the final version? Did Bunta Sugawara just get pinkeye for a day of filming or something?
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I poked around a bit in Japanese and found these links. I can't vouch for their accuracy, but they both mention the eyepatch and say that it was because Bunta Sugawara had a sty on his eye at the time of the shoot and it had nothing to do with the role itself. The detail appears to be a pretty well known trivia!
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