Can anyone identify this flat, square icon set?
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I was looking around for a set of flat, square icons to use on my phone, and I ran across this one — except the only place I can find it is in the title image of this random blog post! Does anyone here recognize it?

I have tried image searches on individual icons and everything. It looks so great, but I don't know whether it's an actual set of icons or just a visual aid created as an illustration of the flat look. Not really looking for alternatives or other flat icon sets, just curious about this one.
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I'd presume they come from that site's own bundle of 3,600 flat icons.
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Believe it or not I found that isn't so (I should have mentioned). Their icon set you link to is the icons pictured, plus combinations of those larger icons with smaller ones like arrows, documents, etc, lots of repeats. No icons like the Google Maps one, for instance.
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That is to say, their 'flat icon set' is not the icons I am looking for, but the set illustrated at Admiral Haddock's link. It's flat-ish but not square and not Google-oriented.
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My guess is that it's a custom illustration for the post (based on the complete absence of other sources in a reverse image search) made with one of their most simple icon sets, probably Windows 8 or maybe iOS. There's lots and lots of icons in those sets -- I'd guess they've taken some, recolored them, and arranged them on colored squares.
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Looks like these.
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Those are absolutely them! Not an icon set, but images for a series of posts, apparently. Thanks so much! How'd you find them, may I ask? Reverse image search work out finally?
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