Portland over long weekend - restaurants, events, strip clubs
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Yes, it's yet another Portland question! My husband and I will be in Portland over Presidents Day weekend with another couple. We have been there many times, but have a couple questions inside!

We go to Portland a few times a year, usually to sell books at Powell's and buy many more. Our friends have never really spent any time there. Questions!

1) Any events going on that weekend - plays, conventions, burlesque, etc. - that might be interesting?

2) Restaurant recommendations! I've really enjoyed meals at Masu over off Burnside and Eleni's Philoxenia in the Pearl district, to give you an idea of atmosphere/price points. Not a huge fan of Indian or Thai. Allergy alert: one of our friends is allergic to garlic and onions so I'm looking for places where she can fairly easily eat something off the menu or find something easily modifiable (holding the shallot pan sauce on meat, for example).

3) Couples/women-friendly strip club recommendations? I used to like Union Jacks on Burnside until they remodeled and removed all the seats that weren't either at the bar or directly in front of the stage. We went to... Devil's Point, I think it was? And I was the only woman there not on stage and the drinks were terrrrrible.

Thanks, all!
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Ken's Pizza, you are now happy and done. Repeat. You are welcome.
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Ken's?! No way! Apizza Scholls!

(kidding - both are great and the some of the best pizza in the Northwest.)
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1. As far as things to do, really the best resource is the Mercury. You can look at all the art/film/music listings for that weekend and see what you might like.

2. Here's a rundown I wrote before on AskMe about places to eat in Portland I like. Portland tends to cater to people's idiosyncratic food needs pretty well, so I don't think you'll have much trouble at most places asking to hold the onions and garlic.

3. In my humble opinion, the only two strip clubs worth going to in Portland are Sassy's and Lucky Devil. I go to Sassy's with women all the time. I understand that sounds kind of weird but it really isn't. It's a really friendly place, very low-key, tons of great local beer on tap (all of them 2.50 a pint until 7 every day), really cool dancers who are both talented and super nice. Not a sleezy place. Neither is the sort of 'club' where there's going to be a bunch of folks making it rain and going nuts, though, if you're more into that. They are more like neighborhood bar type places with regulars and naked people dancing and pretty good music.
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Also if you have any specific questions or need more info, please feel free to memail me. I am always happy to go on and on about Portland.
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I know that Proper Eats in St. Johns is great with allergies. And there's the African Film Festival showing free films Thurs-Fri-Sat all of February.
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Ox, Three Doors Down, Le Pigeon, Ava Gene's, The Woodsman, and Boku Bowl are all great food choices.

Never been to Mary's, but it's a local institution and my understanding is it's female-friendly. (Maybe even woman-owned?). Plus there's tons of great beer next door.

(Full disclosure: I did this, and this.)
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Catch the tail end of Portland International Film Festival.

There's a junior olympics fencing championship at the Oregon Convention Center - free!

Portland Art Museum has the notorious Francis Bacon triptych on display.

Try Eater PDX's Top 38 & Heatmaps for stalwart classics and what's-trending, and hit the food cart circuit for cheap and friendly. If you like pastry go to the Sugar Cube on Alberta or Delicious Donuts on Burnside!
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Also, echoing Lutoslawski on Sassy's & Lucky D.

For spirits: Distillery Row has tours, swig on Aviation Gin then walk over to the Belmont Goats for 64 legs of hilarity.
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