Angry Bastard Music?
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I have been in a bad mood lately, and need some angry bastard music to get me through it & help me kick some butts. A small list of special snowflake details inside...

  • I'm not very good with abrasive stuff, especially vocals - Pig Destroyer is right out.
  • Lots of intensity for sustained periods is hard to deal with. Lightning Bolt is amazing, but after one or two tracks I'm done.
  • To stick with metal, Baroness is an okay solution, I think, as is Black Sabbath. Are there instrumental equivalents?
  • I used to go for industrial (e.g. VNV Nation), but now find it a bit more boring than I once did. Stuff like Shackleton is a bit too depressing, as opposed to aggressive.
  • Yeezus has worked pretty darn well, and other material in a similar sonic vein would be welcome. That said, my experience with rap can run hot-cold. Instrumental jams are preferred, especially if I'm going to destroy evil as I work.
  • Post-rock is okay, but I've heard a fair amount of loud-soft-loud. Not something I'd rule out, but if it has more to it than that I'd be happy.
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Fear Factory's "Obsolete" would scratch this itch for me.
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I'mma lay some old-school on you:


Boris Mikulic


Nihilistic anger of the ancients.
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Check out Hymns from Godflesh. Can't go wrong.
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You might enjoy almost everything by Nomeansno.
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Seconding Swans.

Also kinda old-school: Barkmarket & Unsane

In the sludge/stoner/kinda sorta "classic" metal vein: Red Fang, High On Fire, maybe some Mastodon

Maybe a bit too post-rock for you, but there's the instrumental bands Red Sparowes and Pelican

Try poking through the roster of Relapse Records and Hydra Head Records
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Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" is largely credited with starting the Woodstock '99 riot.

Don't listen to it when you drive.
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Ministry's "Jesus Built My Hotrod" and also "H.B.M.F." (*ahem*) by Frank Turner or maybe some Beat Farmers? I always feel better after singing myself hoarse with these guys.
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I think Black Flag might fit into the pocket you're looking at. It's intense, but 1980-intense and so less likely to be overwhelming. Their guitar sound is actually not unlike Lightning Bolt's.
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L7's Shitlist may fit the bill nicely.
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How about Shellac?
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Thanks for the many suggestions! My one concern with Swans is that Michael Gira has always seemed downtempo. Not having had a chance to dive into these yet, I've been using the aforementioned Baroness and Battles.
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Chick flavored:

Hammerbox – Anywhere But Here
Ida Maria – Oh My God
Hedwig And The Angry Inch – Tear Me Down
Sleater-Kinney – All Hands On The Bad One
Gin Wigmore – Devil In Me
The Faders – No Sleep Tonight
Liz Phair – Jealousy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Date With The Night
The Donnas – Take It Off
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I would second Ministry. MC5 could work, too.
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If you're willing to give rap a try (noticed your bit about running hot and cold with it), Atmosphere has been the balm to soothe my inner wounded teenager for years.
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