What movie clips are in this music video?
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I recognize Mary Woronov in the movie clips from this music video, but I can't figure out what movie this is from.

It isn't campy like Paul Bartel, the production values are too good to be Warhol, and I can't tell from the footage if it is Death Race 2000 or the other racing movie she was in. Searching for "Mary Woronov + motorcyle + wig + 70's" isn't paying off as I had hoped!
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Hollywood Man.
posted by Sticherbeast at 7:13 AM on February 4, 2014

Yup. Came to say the same thing. I just trawled her IMDB titles until I found a match.
posted by Brockles at 7:14 AM on February 4, 2014

Woo hoo! Thank you!
posted by 41swans at 7:27 AM on February 4, 2014

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