Father & Son Short Stories
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What are some good short stories that involve a son trying to live up to his father's expectations, but which don't turn out well?
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Perhaps not along the lines of what you were thinking of, but Kafka's The Judgment stands the test of time.
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A song? "Cats in the Cradle"
posted by Chocolate Pickle at 9:16 PM on February 3, 2014

"The Lie" by Vonnegut. That's one of my favorites from Welcome to the Monkeyhouse!
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Why Johnny Can't Speed, by Allan Dean Foster.
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The Gift of the Prodigal - Peter Taylor. It's told from the father's point of view and the ending is ambiguous as to whether things turn out well as such, but it might fit. There's a brief summary (with spoliers) at the New Yorker here.
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A Day's Wait, E. Hemingway, as read by S. Keach.
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off the top of my head, Calling, by Richard Ford, but it seems it's a recurring theme of his work.
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