Music from Spike Lee's 25th Hour
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Help me find this music from Spike Lee's 25th Hour. It's from the nightclub scene, specifically when Naturelle (Rosario Dawson) and Mary (Anna Paquin) are hitting the dance floor.

I know that the song uses a sampled bassline from "White Lines (Don't do It)" by Grandmaster Flash, but I can't find the specific remix. Any clues?
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Best answer: Do you mean Cavern by Liquid Liquid? I haven't seen the film for a while, but I believe it was in there. That's the source for the sample in the Grandmaster Flash song.
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Yes, it is Cavern, scroll down this page to hear a sample. Good luck on finding a copy that isn't at a phenomenal price though; the vinyl and CD of their collected stuff has been out of print since Grand Royal went bust. You can get a 12" of it here, though ...
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You might want to search for samples on this site. It found significantly longer clips than what amazon offered.
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That's the source for the sample in the Grandmaster Flash song.

Yeah, it's the original. The video is pretty trippy too. I saw it once on MTV, when Moby was showing his favorite videos.
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Sounds to me like the mix in the movie was significantly different than that sample from Amazon.
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Even out of print it wasn't that hard to track down a couple years ago. It might be tricky since they've once again been repopularized, this time by the DFA label. The late-90s release was on both Grand Royal and Mo'Wax in the UK. There are usually some copies on ebay.
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Check out, you might find a copy there. P.S. Check your email.
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