Dinner near College of Charleston. Tonight.
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Where should I eat dinner in Charleston SC tonight? I'm staying on the C of C campus.

I'm in town for an interview and just learned that my evening is free to find dinner on my own! Where should I go? Here are my criteria, in order of importance:

-I'm staying on the C of C campus and would like it to be walkable (< 1 mile or so) and relatively easy to find -- I don't have a smartphone for GPS/map navigation as I go.
-Seafood would be good, but so would anything otherwise unique, local, or spicy.
-A good craft beer selection would be great, too.
-I'm getting reimbursed, so I'm fine with a nice dinner, but nothing so profligate as to raise the suspicions of the dean who's paying for my visit. The committee took me to Pane e vino last night, if that helps.
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SNOB. Slightly North of Broad. Its fantastic. Can't link right now, but it is the best meal I had in Charleston.
And their coffee is amazing.
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Best answer: 39 Rue de Jean...I ate there a few years ago, it's very close to the school. Enjoy Charleston! It's a great place.
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Muse - get their mushroom pate if they are offering it. You won't believe it's vegetarian. Not overpriced, not too stuffy, I'm a big fan.

Also - Fig
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Best answer: If you like seafood and you have about $50-$75, check out the Ordinary. It is right on King street and about .7 of a mile away. You will walk by Closed for Business which also has decent food but has best beer selection in town.

Both of these are on the main drag, King Street (so very easy to find). These are sort of the way to Pan E Vino, maybe 3-4 blocks north.

Most popular place in town to eat is probably Husk. As a single you can eat at their awesome bar. Fig is great too.

Are you from BA? You may want to check out Xaio Bao Biscuit which is slightly out of the way but has amazing asian food (and not tamed for local audiences, so very spicy).

I'm not even half a mile from you so you have tons of options!
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Seconding Husk and Xiao Bao Biscuit.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! I wish I could stay a week and try them all. What a great town for eating! I had a delicious dinner at 39 Rue de Jean and a nice pint at Closed for Business.
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