Why don't they just play INDOORS?
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What's the optimal way to dress before I go root for my favorite sports team in the cold for three hours?

I went to the NHL Stadium Series game at Yankee Stadium this past Wednesday, which was a great experience, the final score aside. The only other problem? It was cold, and I was unprepared. I'd like to avoid that in the future.

I've also been to a few Giants games, and try as I might, I've never struck the right balance of warmth and bulk; either I'm too cold or I have so many layers on that moving around is not easy.

I figure there must be some members of the hive mind who do this sort of thing somewhat regularly. Do you have Bears or Packers or Bills season tickets? Have you been to every Winter Classic? Does your alma mater play its games in cold climates? You probably have good ideas about this sort of thing, and I'd like to know what they are.

When I've been outdoors in the cold for extended periods of time, I'm usually moving around somewhat–hiking, playing football, and so on. Ideally, I'd like to stay warm, not have sore extremities by the end, and be able to move around reasonably well. Bonus points if I can get a jersey on over this ensemble.

Do you have layering strategies, product recommendations, or a combination of the two? If so, I am all ears!
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I have an odd but super effective method: take a niacin (vitamin B3) before you head out. It makes you flush as though you are doing cardio. (You will want a regular tablet, not slow release/no-flush).

Warnings: one, if you are a blusher, it will make you blush, just like cardio; two, check for contraindications such as any heart conditions, etc.
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Hand and Toe warmers, chemical or reusable.
A blanket, share with a friend! pack it up when moving.
Cushion of some sort to insulate your behind.
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Best answer: Dress is layers.

Try wearing a long sleeve shirt, sweater/hoody, then some variety of wind stopping jacket over top (insulated or not, your preference). Bonus points if your wind stopping jacket has built in venting (under arm) for if you get too warm. If its actually cold, add an extra layer and be sure to wear mitts and a toque.

Make sure your layers are loose fitting as its the air trapped between layers that keeps you warm, not the actual clothing itself.
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Best answer: For our outdoor sporting events (Army/Navy game - Eagles games, etc) I go with a thin under layer, - think Under Armor or Melino wool layer - A cable knit sweater, and then a fitted and snug jacket with a warm hat. This paired with decent gloves (with a finger pad to answer your phone as needed) seems to do me well.

I wear a thin under layer and a pair of sturdy jeans with wool socks and knee high boots/with boot warmers. This keeps me pretty warm with the occasional nip into heated areas.
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Best answer: The Wednesday night game was a huge warmth improvement for me from my December Jets experience. The things that made it better: leaving the house in layers (silk long johns, then my fleece lined cycling pants) with an additional layer to add at the game, so that I wasn't an overheated mess on the subway; a torn-up cardboard box--one piece under my feet, one under my butt and one at my back to make all points of contact not as chilly, and handwarmers. Definitely bring a blanket; it helps to add as you get colder.
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Heat Tech from Uniqlo.
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It's not exactly inconspicuous, but how about a mylar blanket? I've never had the opportunity to try one in California, so I can't personally vouch for it, but the reviews are amazing.
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Best answer: Start with silk long johns, long-sleeved & crewnecked for the tops and ankle length for the bottoms. Even better, turtlenecks.
Two pairs of socks, one really thin pair under a thicker pair.
And similarly, wear a thin pair of gloves under a thicker pair of mittens. (Note: NOT leather gloves, wool is warmer. And something like Goretex for the mittens.)
Overlap, don't leave skin exposed: overlap gloves & sleeves, overlap long johns & socks, etc.
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Paper bag (large grocery sized) stuffed with crumpled newspaper for your feet. Make sure you put a layer of crumpled paper under the bottom of your feet. The bag should be large enough so when you put your feet into it, the top of the bag comes up to your knees.
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Best answer: Layers, layers, layers! Long underwear, two pairs of socks, winter boots, ski gloves, hand and toe warmers, earmuffs... Icaicaer is right about bringing layers you can add at the game. (I always brought an extra sweatshirt or fleece pullover) A seat cushion is essential (assuming you're allowed to bring one in). Heated is even better. I used to have one that heated up in the microwave. (This was the one I had - this particular cushion is discontinued but you can still find it on eBay) A blanket is essential too.

Also, if you're bringing a bag, bring a trash bag (kitchen-size works) to put that bag in before you put it under your seat.
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