Recommend some cool kids' mittens (for a 5 year old)!!!
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MITTENFILTER: I'm buying some mittens (requested) for a friend's kid, a 5 year old boy who is extremely enthusiastic about transportation vehicles of all kinds (though especially those related to space exploration). They live in snowbound articky Montreal (I live in sunny Southern California). The mittens should be very warm and of the variety which have long arm gaiters so they can be sealed up with the kid's winter coat's sleeves. What mittens would you recommend? Are there cool kid novelty ones, perhaps in the shape of transportation vehicles of all kinds or something similar? are there astronaut mittens for kids even? Thanks for all your tips!
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Found these mitten clips on Etsy:
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I am not able to recommend specific mittens, but I would suggest that if the cost is reasonable, get two pairs. 5 year olds (at least mine) lose mittens pretty easily. It just happens. I think the sock snatcher also grabs mittens, but not sure.
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Hrm. This might be harder than you think. Most places that sell great mittens are now out of mittens (ie: see here) as stores move into spring stock.

Also, speaking as a parent, I used to buy expensive uber-warm mittens for my kid, only to have single mittens vanish into the who-knows-where that single mittens, sneakers, and socks go. So, now I buy large quantities of cheap mittens (all matching) (and by "lots" I mean "like 10 pairs of $5 mittens) because the mitten you have is warmer than a mitten you don't have.

In general, the super long mitttens are called 'snowmobile mittens' and they run $20 - $30 a pair for long, waterproof, very warm mittens.

All that being said, I would recommend these mittens from REI (if they come in a large enough size, have mom measure kiddo's hand) as a good balance between cost and warmth. Not space themed, though. Sorry.
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I would suggest getting something from Mountain Co-op ( I do not know if they have any novelty ones for kids but they will have solid mittens that will keep his hands warm. They have a pretty good website and as a Canadian company you will not have to worry about any additional shipping hassles. They also are pretty affordable so you may be able to get a couple of pairs within your budget, especially as they are probably clearing out stock at the moment.
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Mittens get lost faster than anything. Lots of cheap pairs. I buy LLBean or LandsEnd or Patagonia when they are on sale.
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For everyone saying mittens get lost. Landsend has a lost mitten club, where you can buy 1 mitten of a pair if you bought it that season. So something to think of.

As far as cool mittens go, they are definitely going to be hard to find this time of year, especially in any sort of snow proof. I usually find the cool mittens to be knit ones, which are fun, but not so good in the snow. Sorry not to be of more help.
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Thanks for the great tips everyone!
I went with a selection of cool transport-themed mittens clips in the end (thanks quincunx - I hadn't thought of that!) .
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