Please help with my Android contacts issue
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Is there a way to load a several thousand record contact list on an Android phone without slowing down its performance and w/o having it be referenced when typing in a contact (I want it to be referenced solely to caller-ID incoming calls)?

The company I work for has all prospective clients submit some information to us in a webform. I've had it set up so the contact info for all these clients feeds a gmail account contacts list, which the guy that answers our company line added to his phone so it's able to caller ID any incoming calls from clients that previously filled out the form. This works well and is very helpful. However,

1. The 5500 contacts that have accumulated have slowed down his phone considerably. I can arrange it so only the most recent 300 contacts are kept in the contact list, however that's not an ideal solution in my mind -- it'd be nice to keep them all for reference.
2. I'd like for those contacts to be on his phone and referable, but not display on his contact list when making outgoing calls, etc, because there's just too many. Although it's possible to change his phone Settings so contacts from that account don't display on his main contact list when looking up contacts to call, they do still all show up in the auto-dropdown when typing in someones name, and I'm unable to find a way to turn that off.

Any thoughts anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Maybe there's a contacts app out there that has the capabilities I need?

thank you
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In the Phone or People or Contacts app on the Android phones I have (Galaxy Nexus, S4) when I pull up settings I can pick "Contacts to Display". You can set it to "All contacts" (the default) but you have several options. You can pick just one Gmail account (such as the basic one, not the giant 5500-contact one) or a custom set-up. The custom set-up lets you choose any combination of the linked accounts as well as limited Groups or Circles (etc.) within Google accounts.

This, however, only affects the Contacts displayed when scrolling through that page. The search on the Contacts page will still pull up everybody. And all other contacts are still used for caller-ID, are displayed on the Recent Calls page, are available as Favorites, and will be suggested if you are dialing a number manually.

So depending on how this guy makes phone calls (and how many contacts you wanted displayed) this may be useful.

It also may be useful to un-check the Suggest Contact names under Language and input/Google Keyboard settings/Advanced settings (or the equivalent, if available, for whatever keyboard is used).
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Thanks mountmccabe!
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