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I'm running social media, mainly Twitter, for an event taking place next week and have been asked to research good templates for an after action report. I'm good at identifying metrics using assorted tools, but am hoping to find a brilliant tool or template so that I can present this info in a robust yet easily readable format.

And note: I've Googled this, but really hoping a MeFite can provide better insight into what is actually both acceptable and awesome.
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Tweetreach will make a pretty-looking, comprehensive report for you for any hashtag for $20. (The report will make it look like hundreds of thousands of people were influenced by your event, because they count up all the followers of everyone who tweeted in your event). Kinda silly, but our clients love it. Well worth the money.

If you don't want to spend anything, I'd copy their format. But really, spend the money and save yourself the hours of hassle :)
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I've found Storify to be a great tool for presenting on social media impact and reach after an event. It can integrate platforms other than Twitter, as well, so you can capture Instagram posts. You can also embed sound files, photos, etc.
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