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Seeking: highly legible, attractive, informative map of southern California cities and counties, for use as an educational cube decoration.

My new gig has me doing outreach to communities across Southern California. I know NorCal cities up and down, but Southern California is new for me. I’m looking for a highly legible and attractive map that I can hang in my cube, something upon which my eyes can happily linger & learn from during slow moments.

Ideally, the map will feature the lower half of California (from Santa Barbara to San Diego) but an LA-area map would also be useful. The map would feature county lines, cities, major highways and major geographical landmarks (ie Grapevine). I’d like to pay no more than $30.

Bonus points for resources that will help me understand southern California communities.
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Can you use Google Maps for this? It has the benefit of interactivity. Or are you looking for something that is static?

If you really want a physical map that you can download some here and print them out.
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You need a Thomas Bros Guide. Although Rand McNally bought 'em out and gutted the organization, their maps are still available (but you'll need ten times your budgeted amount). Still, ask around, there's a lot of these durable old maps hanging about.
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Take a look at Raven maps, I think they're in Oregon.
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Best answer: I have this map, it sounds very similar to what you need.
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