Any songs like Independent Room?
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I love love love the Independent Room mashup by Party Ben. Are there any other artists, albums, or even just mashups that have a similar vibe?
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I'm a fan of DJ Earworm.
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Too bad boomselect just died. Somewhere, you should still be able to get their 3 cd set of mashups for cheap.
And check out Plunderphonics.
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Response by poster: I'm asking specifically songs songs with a punky, poppy, soully vibe like Independent Room. I have no care whatsoever if they're mashups or not.

I'm not looking for mashups in general - I've already found many and I enjoy the genre.

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my question.
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Response by poster: I'm asking specifically songs songs

FOR songs, rather.

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I'm no expert but this sounds like an Ectophile song. Let me throw out a few possibilities.

Kay Hanley/Letters to Cleo? Cat Power? Garbage? Jakalope? Broken Social Scene/Metric/Feist? Portishead?

Maybe you'd like a big helping of Northern Soul? Soft Cell? Dexy's Midnight Runners? Simple Minds? Young Marble Giants?

Actually that is probably your best bet regardless if you like this song. For something a little more intense, P.J. Harvey. For stuff that veers between rock and hip-hop, Handsome Boy Modeling School.
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Just like Party Ben's work, many mashup artists make (sometimes vastly) differing songs. It depends a lot on the component songs, obviously - it would be hard to make several mashups have the same sort of sound, without specifically choosing similar-sounding songs to use as the components. That being said, here are artist recommendations. Listen to a bunch from each and keep what you like. (I hesitate to recommend specific songs or mixes because I'm not so good at identifying subjective things like "a punky, poppy, soully vibe.")

Lenlow does some really good stuff; unfortunately many of his songs listed on his site are no longer available for download via the links provided (who knows why). Since they're free, though, try your favorite P2P app. He also has links to several other mashup artists listed on his site (on the left, under the heading "Mixers, Mashers, Mentors & Music Mavens," so I won't link to those. In particular, check out ccc, DJ BC, and DJ Riko.

The Kleptones do full-length albums. Their older stuff is a little more experimental, but the newer ones ("A Night at the Hip-Hopera," "Detroit to JA") are good good stuff.

Smash-Up Derby is awesome. They perform live (!) mashups, typically singing one or more songs while playing the music from another (or more than one).

Beatallica is another group that performs their songs (as opposed to mixing prerecorded music) - Beatles music, rewritten Metallica lyrics.

Josh Console mixes video game music and sound effects into his tunes, if you like that sort of thing. (And you might very well - I like it and I don't even play video games, or recognize most of the (apparently Nintendo-heavy) game tunes.)

Of course, DJ Danger Mouse did the famous "Jay-Z meets the Beatles" Grey Album. Try here to download it.

RIAA (that's Really Interesting Audio Adventures) did a surf album called "Sounds for the Sunset." Surf music + anything and everything. Google it, it may or may not be available various places. (I particularly recommend "Tricky Wipeout" - if you like Run DMC at all, and at least don't hate "Wipeout," you'll be groovin'.)

osymyso does some good work - at this point I only know a couple of them.

Try negativland for some political discussion about copyright law etc, as well as some tunes.

And last, try the BoingBoing Found Sounds site for a rundown of music/audio links from the popular blog BoingBoing. This is where I was introduced to many of the artists listed above.

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"Galang" by M.I.A.
"The Power Is On" by The Go! Team
as for mashups...
"Uneasy Listening Vol. 1" is an old cd-r by DJ Z-Trip. Very funky 80's radio vibe. I have no idea how to track it down...
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"punky, poppy, soully" is a bit tricky, but...

Check out 2 Many DJs, Richard X, and Basement Jaxx (esp. "Good Luck"), if you haven't already. Go Home Productions and Agentlovelette have both done mash-ups in the vein you describe.

Good luck!
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