New to SEO copywriting: How much should I charge?
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What is the going rate for SEO copywriting jobs? I'll need different rates for different jobs: 1) writing blog entries, 2) pitching blog stories to editors. This is for quality copy, not just keyword dumps, for corporate clients. Please, also, any anecdotes about negotiating prices for such jobs would be appreciated. thanks!
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It's hard to answer this question without knowing where you're located. I'd look on oDesk and eLance to figure out market rates in your area.

Note that this is a very crowded field with low bars to entry. That puts a downward pressure on rates.
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I work with a couple of SEO copywriting / keyword research freelancers here in the DC area and they charge $90-$100 per page, with an assumption that a page basically requires one hour. That is to edit existing copy and make it more SEO friendly. I've never asked them specifically to price original content creation, but I can't imagine it would be any less than their normal rate of $90-$100 per hour.
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