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In need of an awesome endocrinologist (for post-thyroidectomy medication management) in the Philadelphia area. Difficultly level: most of 'em seem to be either dogmatic curmudgeons OR vitamin-shilling charlatans. Little synthetic-hormone snowflakes within...

A friend had a total thyroidectomy several years ago (due to cancer) and has been on standard-issue Synthyroid ever since. He's also felt like varying degrees of crap ever since his surgery - tired, foggy, stressed-out, depleted, etc. HOWEVER, his lab values are all within the range of "normal", which seems to be the only thing his deeply old-school endocrinologist cares about.

Thyroid-Friend visited a new, supposedly less-dogmatic endo... however, New Doc immediately started pontificating about "adrenal fatigue" and pushing supplements (major, major red flag)... needless to say, Thyroid-Friend wasn't buying it.

IS there such a thing as an endocrinologist who evaluates the patient's overall quality of life, NOT just their lab results, but who ALSO doesn't reek of quackery (I guess the ideal descriptor would be "science-based, but still holistic")? And is there one of 'em in the Bucks County/Philadelphia metro area? Any guidance would be very, very appreciated.
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I had a total thyroidectomy and for the first six years saw a regular endocrinologist. Recently I switched to an endocrinologist at a major cancer care center who specializes in pituitary tumors and the difference in the level of care has been ASTOUNDING. Truly I can hardly overstate how much better this woman is.
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Meant to say that she is an endocrinological oncologist.
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Unfortunately I don't have any doctors to recommend (still searching for one myself...) but it sounds like your friend might benefit from checking out Stop The Thyroid Madness. They have a whole section on finding a good doctor, with links to some resources that keep specific lists. It can take a lot of searching and trial & error, but don't give up.

Good luck!
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