LifeLogging Camera?
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I need a LifeLogging camera. Something small that can take a highish resolution photo every 10 seconds or so for a full day that I can clip to my shirt collar. If you've tried one of these cameras or know of one I haven't listed I'm interested in hearing about it! There's the Autographer, but it's expensive and the battery is only good for 10 hours. The Narrative (aka Memento) looks pretty good, but it's not quite out yet. The Blynk has terrible image quality. There are also small video cameras (MeCam & 808 keychain camera), but they don't shoot for long enough.
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Why isn't narrative out? Just click the buy button?
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Response by poster: Narrative says they ship next month if you order now, and they've had a bunch of trouble with delays (~10 months) which makes me nervous to give them money if they don't have the device in stock.
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The Narrative takes 120 pictures per hour (24-30 hours of battery) while the Autographer takes up to 240 images per hour (10 hours of battery) so they seem similar in that sense if that's your only worry.
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