Traditional Chinese Music combined with other styles or genres?
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I really like the musical combination of traditional Chinese music and trip hop from DJ Krush's Beyond Raging Waves. I also love this CD by Martin Simpson and Chinese lute player Wu Man. Can you recommend other pairings of what I think is traditional Chinese music, played on traditional instruments that have been combined with other music styles or genres? Extra bonus for trip hop pairings, but I'm open to anything.
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Check out Martin Atkins (from PiL, Killing Joke, NIN, Ministry, Pigface, etc) and the China Dub Soundsystem.
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Jah Wobble ought to fit the bill, from what I remember.

Jah Wobble and the Chinese Dub Orchestra
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Interestingly, Jah Wobble and Martin Atkins were in two separate bands together.
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Wu-Force is "kung fu-Appalachian avant folk-rock"
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Have you tried the Twelve Girl Band? Freedom is probably their best known track, but I've enjoyed a lot of their pieces. They are twelve women (of course) who play traditional Chinese instruments in decidedly modern pieces.
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You may like The Original Shanghai Divas, which remixes of Chinese female singers with hip hop beats.

Waiting 4 U is pretty trippy.

Autumn Evening features the same singer, Bai Kwong.
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Although Japanese, the music of the Yoshida Brothers fits the blend of traditional music/instruments with modern Western influences.

Storm is fast-paced and dancey.

Cherry Blossoms in Winter is nicely chill.
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Check out the artist Chinese Man. I just found a song called Introduction (Morning Sun) on Spotify and I really like it. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to much else yet. A cursory listen suggests that they borrow samples and sounds from lots of different traditional genres (Middle Eastern, Irish) so it might be the only Chinese-ey sounding song on the album, but that song sounds like what you're looking for.
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Kou Chou Ching are a Taiwanese hip-hop group that use elements of traditional Taiwanese music in their songs. example
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All of these are great, thank you for taking the time to make these awesome suggestions!
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Ok so I just stumbled across Onra and I'm really really digging it. Remembered this thread and thought I'd share. Ooh, and I just found this gem while searching for a link for the previous track on youtube. Hope you enjoy!
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