the perfect clutch
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I love this clutch by Frye but I'm not sure I $238 love it. Have you seen any very simple leather clutches that have the More Inside criteria?

Looking for:

-Dark brown, black, oxblood
-absolutely no shiny adornments
-a wrist strap
-'nice' leather, good quality stitching, won't fall apart
-Not $238
-Must be able to separate money and credit card from other stuff
-Total inventory of things that will live there: credit card; keys, iPhone, some make up: lipstick, blush, brush; pill box.

I kinda like this one too.

If the answer is that is the best I can do to meet the requirements, I'll buy that one, but it seems crazy that I can't find another.
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Here's a Fossil for $88.
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Coach outlet stores always have a ton of these for around $120 or less
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I have this Julia Duren bag and it's very durable and convenient. The photo is only so-so -- make sure to enlarge it.
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Fossil has a similar aesthetic and they usually have a large wristlet clutch in their line. I used to have a Maddox Foldover Clutch and it fit all your requirements; I don't think they make them any more, but they pop up occasionally on eBay or Bonanza. It was essentially a huge wallet as it had credit card slots built in.

Looks like the Marlow Double Zip Clutch may be the closest thing at this point.

I agree that Coach has a lot of options; I always look to them first for wristlets, and in my experience they are really durable, even the Factory stuff. But they have kind of a preppier aesthetic compared to Frye/Fossil's ruggedness.
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Here's what's probably last years model in burnt red (oxblood enough?) for $99.
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Frye's leather and manufacturing is going to be higher quality than Fossil. Frye makes bags and shoes that you can hand down to your daughter someday.
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They had last year's in black, and then because I was so thrifty I also bought these.

Thanks everyone.
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