Can I eat it?
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Can I eat it filter - Restaurant Doggy Bag edition.

I can't believe I am asking this dumb question but...

I went out for Italian yesterday night and then again out for Chinese this lunchtime, both times I took home half of my meal in a doggy bag, but I won't actually get a chance to eat either leftover meal until lunchtime tomorrow and dinnertime tomorrow, at the earliest. I put them into the fridge as soon as I got home so they would have cooled for an hour at most before refrigeration. Neither restaurant was fancy - both times we went to tiny hole in the wall places.

Yesterday's doggy bag is pasta with pesto, prawns and courgettes.
Today's doggy bag is fried rice with chicken and prawns.

Is it safe to keep these in the fridge till tomorrow? And if so, which should I eat first? I'm a little concerned (a) because of the seafood and (b) because of the rice-reheating factor.
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I'd eat it.

Just to be clear you've taken some food and put it in the refrigerator and are asking if it is safe to eat two to three days later? Not only that the things would have been put in the fridge only an hour after they were prepared/ready to eat?

This is textbook eat it territory, not everything has to be cooked and then flash frozen from 100 to solid in liquid nitrogen the minute you realise you made too much to be safe. Leaving something out on the stove for an hour while you have dinner isn't a big deal, leaving it out overnight on the otherhand might be a bigger problem, but in all likelyhood you would still be fine. Once you get past the 24 hour mark is where I tend to draw the line, depending on hunger and laziness.
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I've definitely reheated rice after a few days with no problems.

I always used to be wary of seafood, but the fiance's family keeps cooked shrimp and lobster in the fridge for days without problems. If it smells ok, it's probably fine.
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I'd eat it sans prawns. Not that I know if the prawns have turned. But, I treat shellfish with incredible respect re: their make-you-so-sick-you-won't-believe-it power.
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I'd eat all of it, without thinking twice.

(Just make sure you reheat it to piping hot.)
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Yep, would and have eaten both without even thinking about it and suffered zero ill effects.
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I'd reheat it to piping hot, and let it sit there a few minutes before eating and enjoy. I'd only worry that much because of the prawns, I've had seafood based food poisoning so am a little extra cautious as it is not fun, but really it should be fine and if it didn't have seafood in I'd be eating it straight from the fridge cold. .
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I'd skip the prawns, but only because reheated prawns get rubbery fast. It might work better if you can reheat on the stove.
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I'd have no hesitation to eating them both. From the sounds of it you have nothing to worry about.
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Thanks, everyone. :)
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Just to reinforce the best answer above, the "official" word on well-stored left-overs is 3-4 days (or 2 to 3, if Canadian).
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To reheat rice, add some water first. It rehydrates nicely.
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