What is going on with my Ipod?
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I started having problems with my Ipod and I am unsure of the best way to remedy the problem.

I went to add music to my Ipod. I didn’t have any problems importing the CD. When I went to sync it though, my Ipod wouldn’t show up in Itunes. It did show up in my computer.

Eventually after unplugging and plugging in and restarting the computer etc, it showed up and synced and everything was fine.

I started having problems again today. I imported more CDs. When I went to sync, Windows said that there was a problem with the Ipod (and to scan to fix it). It went through the motions. When it was “done”, my Ipod still said that it was syncing and not to disconnect. Itunes was non responsive. I went into task manager and shut them down and ejected.

The music is on there, but now there is no artwork for anything. The artwork for all of my cds is still in Itunes but has disappeared from my Ipod

A couple details. I am using Windows 8. It is a 160gb Ipod Classic newest generation. I keep the library on an external hardrive. My computer is in good shape. It is not even a year old and I run spyware/virus software etc frequently.

My main fear is losing all of the music and having to start over. The overwhelming majority of music on my Ipod is from CDs, NOT Itunes. I’d hate to have to import it all over again as it would take quite a long time, not to mention all of the time it has taken me to correct incorrect track names and such.

What might be the problem with the Ipod? What is the best way of fixing this without losing my stuff?

Thanks in advance
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Probably its hard drive is dying. That would be the first thing to check, at least. It has some internal diagnostic software that can test for this. I don't know how to get at that except by taking it to an Apple store, though.
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I've had pretty much the same problems with my iPod classic recently (same model as yours). Factory reset and re-copy all the files totally fixed it but nothing else would. I imagine the hard drive is slowly failing because it makes ugly clicking noises when it does this, but it's been happening once a year or so for at least four years now and the thing is still going so maybe not.

You can find utilities etc for getting the music back off your iPod before resetting. I've used winamp for this in the past for example. But this reset business is why I always keep a full copy of the library elsewhere besides just on the iPod.
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Thank. The unit isn't making any noise.

A note too. I only have one podcast on there at the moment, but I noticed it did not sync last night.

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