Who are some extremely fit and rich people? (non professional athletes)
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Who are some people in this world who are rich, and extremely fit? Preferably net worth more than 100 million, and is also an elite level athlete(sub 3:00 marathon or approximate equivalent in any sport). Oprah's 4:29 marathon isn't good enough. Also they can have a little less money if they're super duper fit, or a little less fitness if they're super duper rich.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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I can't think of anyone in particular who fits your parameters -- people like Richard Branson and Larry Ellison are fit (for old guys) and do a lot of adventuresome stuff, but they're not, nor have they ever been, Boston-Marathon-level fit. I suspect you may find some matches among the hereditary rich who have time to cultivate their cardivascular endurance...
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Response by poster: Thanks, Please, i'd prefer non professional athletes (and people who didn't obtain their wealth through sport/endorsement etc)
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Best answer: Do royalty count? crown Prince Frederik of Denmark runs triathlons and marathons as well as skiing across the North Pole etc. He's inherited money, of course, and who knows how much he's worth but..
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Response by poster: royalty counts! good one kariebookish!
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Gwyneth Paltrow comes to mind, she's a Pilates kind of fit and a bit of a health nut. Can't speak to her net worth, though.
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In the UK we have a couple of hyper-performing celebrity comedians: Eddie Izzard - who ran 43 marathons in 51 days - and David Walliams who has, for example, swum the 140 mile length of the River Thames.
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Usher has 140 mil, and is training everyday so he can play Sugar Ray Leonard.
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David Duchovny's pretty fit. He's an excellent athlete and such a fast runner that back in his X-Files days they used to have to put their cameramen on motorcycles to keep up with him and in one scene where he was running away from riders on horseback, he outran the horses. More recently, I read of him taking part in some celebrity marathon maybe five years back, and he placed in the top ten. Don't know how rich he is, but he says himself he's not a spender and he's earned quite a lot so he must have accumulated a fair amount.
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The Winklevoss Twins?
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Master P played a year in the CBA and ABA and had some NBA contracts, which would count as a near elite-level basketball player, certainly a sub 3:00 marathon equivalent.
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Zara Phillips and her mother Princess Anne of the UK (15th and 11th [once 2nd] in the line of succession for the throne) are both noted equestrians. Anne was the first member of the British royal family to have participated in the Olympic Games, and her daughter is an Olympic medalist.
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Geena Davis nearly made the Olympics in Archery in 2000. No idea as to her wealth, however.
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Vladimir Putin?
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In the past, but also regarding equestrianism: the wife of Franz Josef I, Elisabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, was known for her prowess on a horse as well as her extreme exercise regimen, although it seems that this was the opposite of healthy.
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Dean Karnazes??

I'm sure Beckam would make your list.

Gordon Ramsey also completed his first Ironman at Kona last year in 14 hours and some change, which is actually really good.
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Flea (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) ran the LA Marathon in under 4:00. By all accounts, he's doing all right for money.
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Jim Ratcliffe
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Matthew Inman is an ultramarathon runner, and I think he made a fair amount of money when he sold Mingle2, though I don't know whether that would put him in the league that interests you. His webcoming on why he runs is one of the best explanations I have seen of why we endurance athletes do what we do.

I'm not a good endurance athlete, but I am one.
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I think Bruce Springsteen qualifies.
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These might not fit into "extremely fit" but they are world class athletes:

Geena Davis is probably worth 40 mil and was a world class archer.

Victor Niederhoffer was once a very successful hedge fund manager and squash champion.

There are a lot of world class skiers and snowboarders who come from very rich families.
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Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe-Langenburg has competed in 15 Alpine Skiing World Championship and is getting ready to compete in his 6th Olympics in this stylish number.
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Pink is worth upwards of $100 million and if you've ever seen one of her trapeze performances I think it's clear that she is extremely fit, much more so than her peers.
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Just before Christmas Prince Harry trekked 200 miles on foot to the South Pole as part of a team from "Walking with the Wounded," each person dragging their own supplies on sleds behind them. Took three weeks. Must be kind of fit.
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I believe that many people on this list count. I know Martin Casado certainly does (did, he may not be in shape anymore).
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Madonna is extremely fit and has a net worth of 500+ million, up to a billion according to some sources.
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Henry Nicholas, co-founder of Broadcom, is worth just over $1 billion. In 2004, when he donated $1.28 million to the UC Irvine crew team, he challenged the team captain to a pull-up contest and beat him decisively.
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A friend of mine works for this company. I would imagine most of their clients fit your criteria.
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Some people don't consider baseball an elite fitness sport, but if you do - Kurt Russell's allegedly worth $70 million, and he played AA ball (he was scouted for several big league teams, but they were all chary about taking on an actor - then he got hurt and that was that).

Before the Olympics started allowing sponsorship in the mid-1970s, pretty much all Olympians had to be rich amateurs, apart from those who had state support.
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Pink, for sure. Those acrobatics are impressive for anyone, much less a pop star belting full force at the Grammys. Especially the moves she pulls with her partner later on.
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Dale Begg-Smith is an Australian moguls skier who won gold at the 2006 winter olympics and silver in 2010. He's pretty cagy about his business, but some reports put his wealth at over $40m (all self made)
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The Winklevoss twins, Olympic rowers, are worth a few hundred million thanks to their settlement with Facebook.
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It is a very high bar to have both a sub-3 and 100 million. Among famous people, I can only think of Dominique de Villepin, former Prime Minister of France, who has a 2:57 marathon at Marathon de l'Essonne in 1980 and an estimated net worth of $145 million.

The Crown Prince of Denmark just missed with a 3:06, but he's plenty rich. I know that Jack Brennen, CEO of Vanguard has a 3:10 at Boston. I can't find any record of him running faster elsewhere, but Boston isn't a very good PR course, so maybe he's done it.

My favorite running trivia is that Alan Turing was a phenomenal marathoner, with a PR of 2:46 in 1947, which was damn near Olympic levels at that time (the world record was like 2:26 at the time).
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Vladimir Putin is an advanced practitioner of judo and karate and plays various other sports (skiing, tennis, etc.) just for fun.

Putin is estimated/rumored to have billions of dollars (maybe up in the Bill Gates range) socked away, though he of course denies it, and as the modern czar of Russia he has been able to have the Russian government build a number of very nice residences and so on just for his use. He essentially owns the biggest country in the world.
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Robert Herjavec (of Shark Tank) is a marathon runner, among other things.
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The Wall Street Journal has a series called "What's Your Workout?". Because it's the Wall Street Journal, the people profiled tend to be rich (though some are just prominent or have interesting jobs), and because they are willing to be profiled in the series tend to be pretty fit, though many are not elite athletes.
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I run once in awhile with Karsten Solheim, heir to the Ping fortune. He's an animal, having completed the Death Valley Badwater 135 at the age of 76.
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Try looking into the participants in the CEO Challenge series. Mr. Ant has been involved (in a support role) in the last couple of CEO Challenges in our area and these folks are the real deal - seriously fit.
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Flea is also a really talented basketball player (three point shooter).
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I don't have any stats on hand, but Ben Stiller is a very good runner (he runs a lot in The Watch, and he has great form).
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You can look thru http://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/category/athletes/?sort=net
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