Where Do Wildlife Behaviorists Hang Out on the Internet?
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I'm writing a fictional book from the viewpoint of a wolf, and I am hoping to find forums where I can read about and ask for peculiarly specific information on the behavior of wildlife. I am not looking for just wolves (though wolves are great!) but also elk, deer, and coyotes, as well as any other interesting recommendations people might have. So, what are some good forums for animal behavior discussion?
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A network of blogs, rather than a forum, but you might want to check out the Coyot.es Network.
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AskmeAnswerAutoFail - this is not a website/forum but:
Gordon R Dickson wrote a book called Wolf and Iron (1990). He had been contacted by Professor Harry Frank who had read an earlier version and was appalled at the lack of realism in the wolfy bits. The foreword by Frank is here and the book itself refers to a number of useful (real, I believe) texts that the main character found on his travels.
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You might also be interested in Rick Bass, he is an author who has written extensively about wildlife and specifically wolves!
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Best answer: Have you considered making an AskScience post or two? This seems right up their alley.
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Best answer: I am merely linking to the sites I see my friend who is interested in this, reading all the time:

Carnivora - Huge forum about animals

This may not seem very related, but has a lot about the ecological niches etc
The Breeding Back Blog (about restoring some of Europe and America's megafauna).

I'll ask them for recs when I get home.
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Example from Carnivora:

Discussions of Wolves predatory behaviour versus Elk, Deer, Coyote and more
Interspecific Conflict Directory: Canine vs ...
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Response by poster: Fifthrider, I did not know AskScience existed, and a brief glance leads me to believe that I am far from the only person with esoteric questions about wildlife.

Elysum, that forum is exactly what I have been looking for.

Thank you, everyone.
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