I'm looking for a radio. Please help.
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I'm in Montreal and I would like to buy a tabletop radio with decent reception and sound, for less than $50.

I'm not looking for audiophile levels of sound quality. When I say "decent sound," I basically mean "not too tinny."

So what's best?

Note that not all items available on Amazon.com are available to Canadian users.
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Run by your local big box. They still sell micro bookshelf systems which will be plenty of not tinny and maybe even sound really great.

Here's an example from Walmart.ca

micro bookshelf system
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They're usually not worth going into, but a couple of times I've seen The Source discount the bigger √Čton Grundig radios to < $50. Many standalone radios are made by Tecsun (including Grundig), and badged by other brands. The rather nice Tecsun PL-380 might be a bit small for your needs.
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TEAC Model R1 is a great radio. I have it in white and just love the sound. It is comparable to my brother's Tivoli radio in sound. The R1 model has a manual tuner knob and is no longer in production. Sometimes you can pick up one on Ebay for about $40 or $50. From what I remember, this radio was close to $100 if not more when I bought it about 8 years ago.
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Depending on how much time you have, you could look at the offerings at the nearest Salvation Army/Value Village store. Or look for a working, used receiver on kijiji, especially if you already have passive (non powered) speakers.
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Another possible source of extremely cheap radios are the weird import stores on Saint-Laurent just below Sherbrooke.
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I've often passed by Radio Hovsep and never had any reason to go in, but this may be the place to check out for your purpose. It's on Park north of Bernard.
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