How can I display football scores/info on a secondary TV?
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I have an old TV in a fireplace next to my primary TV. The primary TV will show the Super Bowl, with the old TV - I'd like to display scores or some other info.

How can I can I turn that old TV into a "scoreboard" (i.e. big numbers displaying the down # and yards) The old TV has a laptop connected to it and can display a laptop's main screen.

Any ideas?
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You could just use the laptop + tv setup to display the or scoreboard. You'd also get nifty graphics of the field with arrows and stuff.
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Yahoo's Game Channel is another option. (preview screenshot)
posted by clorox at 1:30 AM on February 2, 2014

Seconding NFL/ESPN websites. My stepfather watches most sporting events with a similar TV/web set-up.
posted by MuChao at 8:34 AM on February 2, 2014

If it were me I'd be watching the Twitter trending topics for Super Bowl, or some other Twitter feed. It's fun watching a game with the background text chatter from the world.
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