Local Skype Numbers?
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Skype used to have local numbers you could call in Canada - does anyone know where to find a listing of them?

I use a couple of Skype phone numbers - one in Vancouver (604 283 2161) and Toronto (647) 367 2851). They are not personal to me. I dial them from my phone, it recognizes me and my account and then I can enter the number I want to call in the world. The costs comes out of my Skype Credit.

There used to be a list of these local numbers and I can't find them any more. Since my numbers still work, I'm assuming they stlll exist, but where are they? I remember them being very easy to find, but no longer.

I'm specifically looking for a local number to use in Calgary, Alberta.
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Best answer: You are looking for a skype to go number.
Log into your skype account.
>Click on "Skype to Go"
>Change "Nearest location" for a new Access Number. This is the new skype to go number for the area code you want.
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I should clarify: Log into your Skype account online. Not the desktop application or your mobile phone app.
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