Identify yet another mystery song heard in a Chipotle.
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This past week, I was in a Chipotle and heard an interesting song. However, Shazam couldn't identify it. It was "psychedelic"-sounding with a male singer (think Beach Boys or The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows"), but the only words I could decipher were "merry go round". See the extended explanation...

When I googled "merry go round Beach Boys", the first thing that came up was "Palisades Park" by Freddy Cannon. However, the Freddy Cannon song has a very different style, and the song in question had the words "merry go round" repeated much more frequently.

It's definitely not Kacey Musgraves!
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Long shot as I can't imagine it'd be on in a Chipotle, but there is a later-era Monkees track called 'Merry Go Round.'
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this song maybe? Electric Ch√Ęteau
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(Though I guess '68 would make it a mid-period track since their run was '66 - '70. Sorry/carry on.)
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There's a song called Merry Go Round by ABBA, sang by one of the guys.
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Did you check Chipotle's website? They have a playlist of recent music and if they're recycling music within a short time frame you might find the song there. There's a launcher where you can listen to snippets of each song.
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Maybe a long-shot: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round? (Music starts at 0:35; first instance of "merry go round" is about 1:19.)
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I have to include this just in case, because it's psychedelic-sounding, it's got a male singer, the words "merry go round" are repeated incessantly, and it's from the right era - but it would be weirdly hilarious to hear in a Chipotle.
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Ha -- eschatfische's suggestion popped right into my head too! I'd guess that wasn't the Chipotle mystery song though. You're sure it was a song from the 60's, and not a 1990's 'Mats tune?
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You can stream Chipotle radio here, but that may be a painful, long exercise. Or you can email the guy who makes their playlist, Chris Golub, at Studio Orca!
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Cherry Hill Park?
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Wait, and we've established that it's not just the Beach Boys' cover of Palisades Park?
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Is it Free Advice by The Great Society?
Merry Go Round by Donovan?
(Sorry, this is fun.)
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Merry Go Round by The Youngbloods?

I will stop now.
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"Watching the Wheels" by John Lennon? Features the lyrics "no longer riding on the merry-go-round".
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