US Civil War Historian?
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My friend has a treasure trove of artifacts, and a corner place in Shiloh, Tennessee. Can anyone help him get it up to museum status? I could pay. Thanks~!
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PERHAPS a university history student project?
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I'm really sorry but this question is super-vague. What are you actually asking?
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Man, Shiloh is kinda in the middle of nowhere. If I were him, I'd probably start with the local Civil War Roundtable )Nashville, Murfreesboro). Shiloh is slightly closer to Memphis than to Murfreesboro or Nashville, but if Memphis has a CWRT I don't know about it. There will be local amateur (and probably professional) historians there who can get him pointed in the right direction.
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My friend has a load of stuff from the battle at Shiloh.

I din't think it was a vague question, I was fishing.

He has great plans to caption and document this stuff he has, he is a 'hunter' not a 'historian'.

he has plans to properly document this stuff, but unless someone gives him a kick in the ass it will never happen. If I need to pay a proper historian with interest in the battle at Shiloh, and preferabbly in the area, great.

All questions welcome~!
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Are you asking for someone on MeFi to do this for you ("I was fishing")? Because that would be under Jobs, not AskMe.
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Are you asking how your friend could set up a museum in Shiloh, TN?

What the best way to evaluate the artifacts and figure out what if any significance they have and how they would best be of use to historians?

Appraising them for sale or a charitable gift to a museum?

My first thought -- based on your still very vague response -- is to call the local directional university's history department.
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geepers I thought i was being sorta (what's the opposite of 'vague'?)
OK THanks Ask Metafilter or else maybe I will leave this question up for awhile and see if I get some actual "help".... ;)
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Foul lurkers so far IMHO
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