I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I won't kill myself.
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Los Angeles, I am accident-prone. I average one major bicycle crash a year. Help me find a hardcore indoor cycling activity that will still kick my ass and keep me safely off the streets for training rides.

I'm an avid cyclist who also has extraordinarily bad luck on the roads. I've just spent a whole month off my bike recovering from my fourth accident in as many years. I know a great many cyclists can endurance-train on the streets of L.A., but apparently I am not one of them. I'm tired of wondering who or what I'm going to smash into when I'm trying to maximize my speed.

I spent several seasons in an outdoor "boot camp" and LOVED it, but my knee is still too wonky from the accident for me to do anything more aggressive like sprinting, running, etc. So I'm looking for a "boot camp" atmosphere, but on a bicycle. Please recommend a hardcore indoor cycling/spin class, preferably in West L.A., where I can still push myself to the limit and reserve my city routes for slightly more leisurely / less aggressive rides.

(n.b.: I know indoor cycling will never, ever be the same as the great outdoors. But I am seriously one-step-forward, three-steps-back when it comes to fitness, and I'm sick of losing a month out of every year to recover from some sports-related injury or another.)
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Let me know if this isn't relevant, but fitness-y folks have insisted to me in the past that you can get a much harder workout from spinning than from road cycling. You can adjust the tension, so you can ride harder than the person sitting next to you. (I say this as someone who rides outside, never inside, but I have no dog in this fight.)

But I would think any spin class in a local gym/fitness center is a great place to start. Many offer one-week trials, so why not try a few?

Whoa, this place is all indoor cycling.

Sorry to hear about all the accidents! I hope you find something better.
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Pardon the outsider's answer, but you're in LA. There are lots of spin classes in all the gyms! I'd wager most of them have free trials available, and chances are there is one nearby.
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Sorry, just to clarify. I am aware of the generic existence of spin classes, and I have a gym membership which offers them. But it's not hardcore enough, so I'm hoping for a specific recommendation to that end. Thx!
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Do you have rollers? I love my insideride
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I have overheard a number of random (and very fit) people in my neighborhood raving about Soul Cycle. Looks like they're also in Brentwood and BH if that's a little closer.
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I take spin at crunch, specifically from david c in burbank. You could wring me out after.
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I know you asked for a "boot camp atmosphere", but if you are happy to train by yourself then get an indoor trainer that suits your existing bike and use the SufferFest videos.
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Thanks all! Good stuff. I went to Kinetic this morning and got my ass roundly kicked, but they're gonna be expensive after the two-week trial. The indoor trainer is a great idea; a lot cheaper than classes in the long run, and I could push the SufferFest videos through our AppleTV.
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