I'd like to learn more about the modern ivory trade.
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Can you point me toward some resources that will help me deepen my knowledge of the modern black market trade in elephant ivory?

I've recently developed an interest in the black market ivory trade, and would like to deepen my understanding of the subject. I'm familiar with some of the major papers from a conservation biology standpoint (and know how to find more if I want them) but I'm not sure if my research skills are totally up to dealing with other aspects of the topic. I'm looking for information that covers the subject from as many angles as possible – historical, cultural, economic, political, etc. over the entire chain from elephant to retail purchase.

I'm hoping for sources that have more of an academic bent; that is to say, I'd prefer primary literature or scholarly reviews rather than popular press or journalistic treatments of the subject, but I'm willing to entertain any source that deals with the issue in a rigorous and informative way. I have access to research articles through my university, so you can assume that I'll be able to read whatever sources you can come up with. I don't necessarily need recommendations for specific works to read (though I'd appreciate that as well) but would be happy just to be pointed in the right direction as far as where I should look.

I realize that I should probably take advantage of the services of a reference librarian at my university, and plan on doing so. Still, I'd be curious to know what recommendations the Hive Mind can give me as well. I'm looking forward to reading your advice.
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i found this Nat Geo article very interesting when it came out. Goes into horrifying detail about how the trade was nearly stamped out, but allowed, even encouraged, to flare back up again. The condemnation of the WWF and their role in making this happen was especially interesting to me.
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