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Where can I buy a clock on Hollywood Blvd?

I may have to leave Los Angeles pretty soon, and in commemoration, I'd like to purchase a clock on Hollywood Boulevard. I haven't been there in ages - I basically never go east of the 405 - but needs must. Is there actually a place on Hollywood Blvd where one might be able to buy a nice and/or kitschy clock to take on one's next adventure?
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I don't know the exact name, but there is a rather big store across from Mann's Chinese Theater, I think called "The Hollywood Experience," or some such, that is FULL of the type of kitsch you are asking about....

Parking is free at the underground parking for the Fresh 'N Easy across the street with validation. Google that!

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What about Wacko, east of the 101 in the Los Feliz area... but still on Hollywood Boulevard?

Among their odds and ends, I seem to remember there being a few clocks here and there back when I last visited. Of course, that was years ago, when I last lived in LA. But worst case scenario, even if there were no clocks, it will still be a fun visit.
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Oh man, I did the exact same thing when I left. I went to Wacko.
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