What is this tile-based Board Game?
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What is the board game in this picture? Things I can tell from the picture: the main board is 8x8, tiles come in two colors, the tiles have writing on them (I think it's hiragana but I can't make most of it out), there is a secondary board (or possibly just piece holder?) which is 10x10 which only seems to have pieces of one color.

I didn't take this picture myself and don't have a better version or more information except that I think it was taken in Tokyo. It looks like King's Cribbage is kind of similar (two-colored wood tiles with writing), but the board size is wrong and I don't think the board could get that dense. I also checked this list, but the few likely things I found (Vice-Versa, for one) weren't really close enough (though it's entirely possible I missed something).
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Maybe some sort of dual purpose travel set- they're using it to play Othello on the right and the other board is for some variant of shogi?
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I'm pretty sure the board further away from the camera is being used to hold some kind of Supply, and the real game is taking place on the near board. I can't see the symbols very well, but could it be a Japanese word game, akin maybe to Scrabble?
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Well, I spent most of my insomnia last night searching for what this could possibly be. Nothing like this is available from any importer of Asian board games I could find. No searches in English were able to turn up anything even remotely similar. I also struck out poking around on sites in Japanese.

This is going to drive me mad.
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I've done some minor searching and turned up negative myself.
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You might consider making an account at BoardGameGeek and asking here: http://boardgamegeek.com/forum/743500/abstract-games/general
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