Need help using the Quick graph apps in ipad.
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I need to help my son to design a picture using different transformation equations for his algebra graphic design project.For that we are thinking of using the ipad apps.we need to draw graphs with restrictions for the x variables.We have Quick Graph Apps for ipad and he was able to graph different equations.Now,our problem is we don't know how to apply the restrictions and create a picture to submit.Looking forward to hear ideas and suggestions from math experts.
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Looking forward to hear ideas and suggestions from math experts.

You don't need a math expert, you need a Quick Graph expert. This Maths SE question seems to be trying to achieve something similar. Basically in order to restrict the domain (the x variable), you need to formulate an if-statement - if(condition on x holds, do this, else do this).

Also, that questioner seems to be using the paid version of Quick Graph (don't know if this makes a difference).
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