What Game Was That?
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Once upon a time ago, I heard about a roleplaying game, possibly table top, but instead of more common subject matter it was about roleplaying a tv show or sitcom. Not a particular show, one that you were making up as part of the game. I believe I saw it on the blue, but I'm not sure. If I did, I think it was just in the comments. I believe I looked it up and the price point was something like $18, That could be misremembered, so discard that if you think you know it but the price would exclude it. Based on my memory, the genre would probably be humor. That is all I can remember.
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I'm thinking Primetime Adventures.
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5 minutes to an answer. Sequence and AskMe, you are my hero!
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And it doesn't look like it's for sale right now. Of course.
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It looks like you can buy the 2nd edition here.
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The retailer says it's first edition. I did find a pic of the first edition anyway, so all is not lost!
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