Non-skid, non-slip mat for the bathroom floor
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Please help me find a non-slip, non-skid mat for the bathroom floor so I can get out of my shower safely while on crutches.

The place that I rent has an incredibly slippery tile floor in the bathroom. I am on crutches, toe touch weight bearing on one foot, and this is incredibly dangerous. I would like to shower without assistance, therefore I need help finding a floor mat that will help me do this safely.

1. I rent. Solution must be temporary and removable.
2. I am on crutches. The mat will be placed outside of my shower stall. I plan to dry most of myself (especially my feet!) in the shower chair before getting up, transfer from shower chair to standing position with assistance of crutches, then finish drying and crutch out of the bathroom.
3. Due to my injuries, I cannot bend over and dry the floor before exiting the shower.
4. I have a mobility problem. I prefer to use delivery service over in-person retailers.
5. I live in Canada. I prefer Canadian retailers. Would like fast shipping.
6. Prefer no assembly required.

Any suggestions on where I can find such a mat?
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Would a regular rubber suction-cup mat for the shower work? (Like this, just as an example.) Or do you want it to be bigger than that?
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What I did was dry off and then throw the towel on top of a standard non-slip bath mat and then decant myself onto that.
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I have this LL Bean Waterhog mat in my kitchen and it DOES NOT MOVE--an added bonus is that it's pretty low-profile so I don't think you'd have a problem tripping over it or catching your crutches. They have a bunch of different sizes and textures too. Looks like they ship free to Canada but if you're willing to cough up 15 extra bucks it looks like you could get it sooner (I wonder if you called them up and told them your situation if they'd try to get it to you even sooner--worth a shot if you think this could work for you).
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Would one of those rubbery roll up meshy yoga mats cut to size work?
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Ikea has some. Rubberish on the bottom and something terryish on top. I have two. They work great.
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Waterhog it is. I looked around online and there are other Canadian vendors that will ship the Waterhog product line faster (L. L. Bean added a week to their 7-10 day transit time for orders to Canada!). The vendor I found ( will deliver Tuesday. Thanks lovableiago.
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